Dining in St. Maarten / Saint Martin

Our favorite dining places: The best part of having a full kitchen in your vacation suite is the freedom not to have to go out for every meal, or to have icy refreshments or morning coffee for the pool or beach (of course you can buy it at the pool). But vacation is not the time to stay home for most meals. So, our family has discovered some delightful places that we dare not miss on each visit (it's getting harder - there are now more than we can do in a two week visit).

WARNING! If restaurants are very important to your vacation enjoyment, DON'T visit St. Maarten/Sint Martin from the week after Labor Day through the rest of September. This is the Island's vacation-from-vacationeers period. Many restaurants and other hot spots are closed for remodeling, repairs, or owner/staff R&R.

Our favorite places span all price levels.

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